The Ride You've Been Looking For From The Desert Of Moab, Utah To The Mountains Of Colorado...

In support of Bicycles for Humanity!

Join us for the week or choose to ride one of our single or three day options.

Further your fun by entering our Strava Club and Individual Challenge available on all 1 day options, prizes awarded to the top 3 in each category.

Option 1: Full-Week Registration June 24 - July 1

Option 2: 1 Day Ride Moab, La Sal Mountain Loop Rally - June 25

Option 3: 3 Day Ride Moab, La Sal Mountain Loop, Monticello, Durango - June 25, 26, 27

Option 4: 1 Day Ride "Silver Rush Challenge" Durango to Ouray - June 29

Option 5: 3 Day Ride Durango, Ouray, Telluride, Cortez - June 29, 30 - July 1

Option 6: 1 Day Ride "Bicycles For Humanity" Telluride to Cortez - July 1 

What To Expect:

This year's route is the first to bring you to both Utah and Colorado, deserts to mountains. Beginning in Moab, UT with a loop ride of the LaSal Mountains, then Day two takes you to Monticello.  Day three you enter Colorado and ride to Durango where you can enjoy a well deserved day off. Day five takes you on a triple bypass to the town of Ouray.  Day six is a leisurely ride to Telluride and Day seven finishes up with a climb to the top of Lizard Head Pass and then into Cortez.  Can't make the entire week NO PROBLEM visit our 3 and 1 day options as each route provides spectacular scenery and more.  Club and Individual Strava Challenge available on all 1 day options, prizes awarded to the top 3 in each category.

Red desert rocks lighting up in the morning sun. Shimmering vibrant green aspen stands. Lupine fresh with morning dew. Clear streams reflecting a perfect clear mountain view. 109° West has it all and more!

Join us for the ride of your life!  The Four Corners region is home to some of the most beautiful and engaging terrain the west has to offer.  From the moment you sign up for the ride, to the end-of-ride celebration,109° West is committed to providing you with a level of service and expertise that is unmatched. Best of all, the ride is a limited participation event!

Ride with us!